Our Mission:
Our goal is to generate inner respect, love and self-empowerment in African American women and teen girls that are, or have been in dysfunctional and/or disadvantaged lifestyles through a positive, productive and beneficial environment.

Our Vision:
To provide guidance and information to these women and teen girls that will help them to become healthier members of our society. Encourage them to discover their talents and pursue their goals, while securing and maintaining financial independence.  Equip them with the necessary tools for them to adjust in everyday situations and throughout their lives. We will cultivate relationships with the teen girls through out their middle school and junior high school years, continuing the relationship in high school ensuring that they maintain good grades, which will present them with options for higher education. We also want to generate within these girls a feeling of inner respect and love for themselves, while learning to be self-empowered.

Our Goal:
To engage the girls in workshops that will enhance their self image, goal setting, communication, etiquette skills, networking skills, and leadership skills. Help the girls make choices that will produce self-assured, positive thinking. That will teach the girls responsibility and accountability for their actions, achievements, and accomplishments.


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