Our Mission

Our Strategy:

By raising funds for The GIRLS Group we will provide seminars, workshops, discussion groups, teen  mentoring programs, tutoring programs, and general assistance.  The organization will draw women and teen  girls from varying circumstances. These women and teen girls may represent low-income families, may have 
been incarcerated, high school dropouts, teen unwed mothers, from abusive relationships whether it being  spousal or parental or just in need of comfort and support.

Some of these women and teen girls may not have been exposed to certain fundamentals needed to succeed  in society, such as filling out a job application, preparing for a job interview, financial planning, learning  computer skills, proper nutrition, and career planning to name a few.  We will form committees that will educate 
and motivate these women and teen girls to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Also we will expound on health and self esteem issues such as basic hygiene, sexual transmitted diseases,  applying beauty products, social presentation and confidence builders.

In our efforts to give back to our community we will provide various fund-raising endeavors that will raise funds  from all sectors within the community.  We will use these funds in the planning and implementation of our  mission and goals.  Also to generate additional funding we will work jointly with other community-based 
programs that we believe have the same purpose and direction as The GIRLS Group.

Our Vision:

To provide guidance and information to these women and teen girls that will help them to become healthier members of our society. Encourage them to discover their talents and pursue their goals, while securing and  maintaining financial independence.  Equip them with the necessary tools for them to adjust in everyday  situations and throughout their lives.

We will cultivate relationships with the teen girls through out their middle school and junior high school years, continuing the relationship in high school ensuring that they maintain good grades, which will present them with  options for higher education. To generate within these women and teen girls a feeling of inner respect and 
love for themselves, while learning to be self-empowered.


Nothing like your help! We appreciate you all.