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We believe everyone deserves a life filled with independence, hope and dignity. Our community needs us, and we 
need you.  Because of increased costs for basic items such as fuel and food, The GIRLS Group needs your support 
now more than ever. We depend on you and others who share your values of faith, compassion and generosity.  And 
you can trust that your dollars make a difference.

The GIRLS Group is a non-profit organization recognized under charitable organization under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.  Donations made within the U.S., to The GIRLS Group will be tax-deductible. The GIRLS Group needs your help to reach the highest levels of success and impact in our community.

$1,500 sponsors six (6) teen girls to attend The GIRLS Group Mentoring Program Weekend Retreat.

$1,000 underwrites program costs for The GIRLS Group 1-day Mentoring retreat.  

$750 sponsors ten (10) teen girls to participate in The GIRLS Group Mentoring Program:(Core Goals- Sister Friends, Community, Confidence,  Awareness, Integrity, Communication, Education, Development, and Inspiration).

$500 supports cost for The GIRLS Group’s Seminars: Love, Better you , and Empowerment.

$250 supports a contribution toward The GIRLS Group Scholarship Fund  

$100 supports cost for hosting The GIRLS Group’s workshops: Love, Better You, and Empowerment.

$50 provides support for on-going programs.

100% of your tax-deductible contribution goes directly towards supporting The GIRLS Group's Programs.

For questions, comments and/or in-kind donations, Contact us online or phone 619.850.1583


Nothing like your help! We appreciate you all.