Overview of Our Program

Currently, we offer two unique mentoring programs for girls between the ages of 10-18. Our group mentoring program is designed from our organizational programs, which are Love, Empowerment and Better You. It is designed to address critical teen issues; issues such as the value of education and achievement, teen bullying, promiscuity, etiquette and hygiene, drugs and alcohol, friendships, parents and personal safety. 
The one-to-one mentoring program is designed to match girls between the ages of 10 thru 18 with an adult volunteer (mentor). It encourages emotional and social growth along with coordinating open lines of conscious dialog between the teens and their mentors. A prospective mentor (volunteer)participates in a thorough interview with our program coordinators The aim is to make the best match possible – pairing a mentor with a mentee sharing similar interests with the volunteer, or whose needs match with the mentor’s skills and experience. Volunteers also provide references, and submit to a criminal background check.

*The girls can choose to be in the group or the one-to-one mentoring or both programs*


Engage the girls in workshops that will enhance and build self esteem and confidence; provide educational development & goal setting; encourage community and cultural awareness; demonstrate etiquette and leadership skills and promote healthy lifestyles. Our purpose is to help the girls make choices that will produce self-assured, positive thinking, which will teach the girls responsibility and accountability for their actions, achievements, and accomplishments.


Encourage girls to discover and celebrate their uniqueness
Empower girls to make sound decisions and learn responsibility
Empower girls to recognize their passions
Encourage and assist girls to pursue their educational goals


Core Values
•Friendships •Community •Integrity •Leadership
•Confidence •Self-Awareness •Education •Responsibility


Group Mentoring: Our group mentoring program is designed to run for one calendar year (Jan-Dec). We meet for two hours on the first and last Saturday of each month.

One-to-One Mentoring: Our one-to-one mentoring program is designed to run for six months. (June-Dec). There should be at least ten hours per month spent with the mentee.



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